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About Thai Massage

Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing modality that combines acupressure, ayurveda and yoga. Practitioners provide deep, static compression using thumbs, palms, elbows, forearms, knees and feet and move clients into positions similar to yoga postures to stretch and relax the body in a slow, rhythmic and mindful way. This practice focuses on acupressure of the sen lines in the body to encourage energy flow and release blockages.


What to expect

Thai massage is traditionally performed on a large firm mat on the floor with the recipient in loose, comfortable clothing. No oil or lotion is used. The client is encouraged to relax as the practitioner provides acupressure treatment on energy meridians and positions the client into various yoga-like postures. A typical Thai massage session lasts one to three hours. The massage will both energize and relax while promoting a good night's sleep. Prior to each session, a short interview is conducted with the client so that the practitioner can customize the treatment.



My Training

I studied Thai massage both in Thailand and in Canada which allows me to adapt traditional techniques to western bodies and needs. Along with my training in Ayurveda and being a certified RYT-500 Yoga Teacher, I am able to offer a well rounded treatment that integrates ancient knowledge with modern science and anatomy.

Thai Massage Levels I&II, International Training Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai Massage Levels 1 & 2, Thai Massage Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Ayurveda Beauty, Greens Ayurveda, Kerala, India

Standard First Aid and CPR C, Canadian Red Cross


Thai Massage

Milagro Verde, Minca (Santa Marta), Magdalena, Colombia

Prices (COP)
$90.000 / h
$130.000 / 1.5 h
$160.000 / 2 h


(extra charge for “domicilio” or “at your home” service)


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